Kendra was the best teacher. She was everything I was hoping for in a teacher when I made the decision to sing on my wedding day!
— Student, Newton, MA

Lessons with Kendra are about more than just music. They are about building confidence and having fun. I wish every middle schooler could take lessons with Kendra.
— Student, Framingham, MA

Kendra’s vocal coaching is an incredible experience! She transformed me from feeling uncomfortable singing in front of anyone, to being comfortable taking a lead role, with solos, in my first musical.
— Online Student, Hood River, OR

Kendra is a wonderful and dynamic teacher. She creates an environment you can feel comfortable to let go and dive into the work. She also brings laughter and humor into the experience, which reminds me to have fun as I study to grow and excel in music.
— Student, Chicago, IL

If I had to pick one word for my 2017 it was voice. I attended an Improv Olympic musical intensive and sharpened my musical improv skills. I took voice lessons for a year and learned how to use my voice
I auditioned for 4 musicals. I performed with Improvised History the Musical in Chicago and Boston. I sang in front of an audience. I’ve gotten to be in many musicals, a dream of mine for most of my life. And I learned that people do want to hear me.
— Student, Brookline, MA

Taking a class with Kendra is pure fun! It’s what learning should be; you’re having so much fun with the subject matter that before you know it class is over, you wish it wasn’t, and you can’t wait to keep practicing for the next class together.
— Student, Boston, MA